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There is so much unverified information about kratom. The Kratom Scoop tried to provide a simple, safe, and effective approach to kratom use. These tip are only intended to steer you clear of some of the pitfalls involved in kratom use. To learn more please check out some more specific articles after you read this.

Buy high quality kratom – The average kratom consumer take roughly 4-10 g a day estimated at $1.00 to $2.50 a day if you buy from a good online retailer. It really doesn’t pay off to buy the cheapest kratom on the market. It also doesn’t pay to buy the most expensive. All Kratom is grown in the same region and no kratom is grown domestically. This means that there probably isn’t any difference between vendors claiming organic or hydro or whatever that have listed. Many of these vendors are just using these terms for marketing and have no real certifications. When looking for a kratom vendor make sure they list a address where they manufacture your product. Some vendors work out of storage units or a garage. Ensure your product is tested by a trusted food laboratory here in the United States. Many vendors rely on the Indonesian farmers lab results witch in almost every case these test are wildly inaccurate.

You can always take more … you cant take less. – If you are unfamiliar with kratom or don’t know your individual serving size. Start with a small serving 1 to 2 grams. You may feel the effects with this small serving. in the likely case that you don’t feel noticeable effects from this small dose try increasing your serving every 3-5 hours incrementally (Incremental Method). If you begin to feel the stimulating effects of Kratom generally that is enough of a serving. As you continue to increase your dose kratom’s energetic effects will become sedative. If you continue increasing your serving beyond the sedative serving size kratom will begin to make you nauseous until eventually you will vomit.

Hydrate and Supplement! – Kratom is processed by the liver. Once your liver senses the need to work they will begin flushing your body, this process requires water. Good water too! Try not to consume sugary beverages these will actually dehydrate you further. If you become dehydrated you may run into other related issues such as constipation. If you become constipated try drinking more water and supplement with fiber. Psyliam hust is a good natural form we recommend.

With or without food? – “Do I take kratom on a empty stomach?” Here is one of the most common questions by novice kratom consumers. Just like your serving this is up to the individual. Some new Kratom consumers report stomach discomfort. This can be easily remedied by taking your serving with a small amount of food. Half of a banana, an apple. Not only will these help with the discomfort bananas are a good whole food source of potassium this will help with dehydration.

Recheck your serving size often. – We recommend you recheck your serving size often use the Incremental Method. Many consumers start taking kratom to ween off of powerful pharmaceuticals (percocet, oxycotin, morphine, oxycodine, tramadol, and so on…). When your body has been starved of these dangerous drugs your brains opioid receptors will begin to shrink. In many cases these kratom consumers serving size will drop, sometimes drastically.

Be accurate – If you take powder, are switching vendors, or are trying a different vein of kratom, being accurate with your servings size can safeguard you from a bad experience. Having a scale that measures in tenth of grams is a must. Some consumers use scoops or spoonfuls of kratom to dose. A easy analogy to show the foolishness of these method is ‘What weighs more a bucket of gravel or a bucket of feathers?’. Mush like gravel and feathers the density of kratom powders vary greatly. Sometimes powder is packed in like a brick other times its lighter than baking flour. When switching colors is also a good time to be check your serving accurately as there are varying effects from the Three main veins of kratom.




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