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Few Reasons Why Kratom Should Not Be Compared With A Drug

Kratom has been thriving in the markets of Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. But for a few years, kratom has come into the radar of FDA & DEA. This has made Kratom a controversial subject and the executive members working to decide whether to regulate it or not. Well, Kratom should not be compared with a drug.

Why Kratom Should Not Be Compared With A Drug?

1) Kratom Is A Herbal Supplement and Not A Drug:

Kratom is a tropical plant, whose leaves are rich in medicinal values and used for treating various health issues in the Southeast Asian countries. This plant belongs to the coffee family and traditionally used to cure several chronic illnesses.

A drug is basically something that acts in the brain and has a wide range of effects or has different effects at different doses. Drugs can be potentially exploited and possess innumerable side-effects on the human brain and body. Kratom does not pose any such threat to humans.

2) Kratom Helps In Withdrawal From Highly Potent Drugs:

Kratom, a traditional recreational herb that acts as a medicine for the people who want to withdraw themselves from the highly potent drugs such as heroin, morphine, and other opioid drugs. It is a herbal product that helps in curing multiple ailments in the body by providing various nutrients.

It is not a drug that makes the person additive to it. Kratom acts as a mild sedative that makes it beneficial for recreational purposes.

3) Kratom – Several Health Benefits:

Generally, a substance that is considered as a potent drug does not exhibit recreational properties such as Kratom.

Kratom Provides Relief From Chronic Pain:

The presence of analgesic properties helps in providing relief from chronic pain. The pain is overcome when the dopamine and serotonin in the Kratom leaves interact with the hormonal system of the body and improve physical health. People, not only in Southeast Asian countries but also in western countries, have observed the growing relief with the consumption of Kratom supplements.

Boosting Energy Level: The extracts from the Kratom leaves are just ideal for imparting immense energy to the body. It focuses on optimizing the different metabolic processes and regulates the circulation of blood in the body. Due to this reason, the Kratom leaves are regarded as a natural solution for increasing energy levels.

Increasing Concentration: Kratom leaves are also known for their nootropic properties which helps the brain to focus on things that require a maximum level of concentration. It improves the concentration power and produces energy for the brain to work in a synchronized manner.

Strengthen The Immune system: The alkaloids present in the leaves help in improving the immune system and increases its ability to fight against illness.

Protects An Individual From Heart Problems: A recent study has shown that Kratom leaves help in reducing the blood pressure and bring it to an optimum level. It also aids in reducing inflammation throughout the body. So overall, it boosts the health of the cardiovascular system and reduces the risks of heart attacks and strokes.

4) Kratom Benefits – People Do Not Have To Rely On Pharmaceutical Drugs:

Usually, people opt to have painkillers or other pharmaceutical drugs to get relieved from anxiety or stress. But these drugs have their own set of side effects and within a short period of time make people additive of their use.

Kratom helps every individual to get relief from anxiety and stress issues without the use of any pharmaceutical drugs. The alkaloid present in Kratom is capable of relieving anxiety and regulating the hormones of our nervous system. This reduces the level of stress in our body and brings in mental stability. This herbal plant, when consumed in the form of proper doses, does not pose any side effects on the human body.

What Makes Kratom Different From Drugs?

Kratom is a herbal, recreational medicine which has a positive impact on the body. It does not pose any threat of addiction or mental instability like the legal, illegal drugs.

People consuming drugs are completely dependent on them and find it difficult to carry out the daily chores without the dosages. Drugs interfere with the brain’s ability to resist the intense urges to take drugs and make them addicted to it.


Kratom is widely used by the people in Southeast Asian countries and now they are also available in the markets of Western countries. You can consume kratom leaves in the form of supplements or with tea. But before consuming, you must discuss with your health professional regarding the amount of Kratom that would be suitable for your body.

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