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[Guide] Kratom Intake For Beginners

Kratom is basically a herbal plant that has numerous benefits such as pain relief, boosting energy, boosting the immune system, and many more. However, this does not mean that you can consume large quantities of kratom and get instant relief from your chronic pain. Kratom strain has a different effect on each and every person. Therefore, initially, you need to consume kratom in small doses and analyze its effect on your body. Only then you would be able to understand your body’s capacity to undergo the kratom effect.

Note: Consuming large quantities of kratom will have a lethal effect on your body. So be cautious while consuming kratom.

You need to be careful not only about the dosage but also different types of kratom strains. Different kratom strains react differently. For instance, white vein kratom strain is too strong for beginners whereas red vein kratom strain has a mild effect and not very harsh for beginners.

Why Does Kratom Have A Different Effect?

Typically, everyone’s body reacts differently with the substance because of weight differences, our varying heights, our diets, metabolic activity, biochemistry, and even each of our differing tolerance levels. Provided that everyone has different characteristics about their bodies, certain substances may have varying effects when we consume them. Therefore, it is very essential for everyone to understand that consuming the same amount of kratom will show positive effects on some and negative effects for others. In short, you must consider your body’s characteristics specifically and be sure to measure out your Kratom so that it’s a dosage that reacts positively with your body.

Measuring The Kratom Dosage: Sometimes, it might be very difficult to measure the correct dosage for the body. But by following these guidelines you won’t be facing any problem. You would find the best Kratom dosage information aligned with some important tips.

Best Kratom Dosage For First-Time Users Or Beginners:

As it is known that kratom is similar to all other herbs or pharmaceutical drugs, it’s always advisable to start small as you work your way up. So in case you are just starting on any strain, start with 1-1.5 grams. It’s a minimal dosage, but you might be shocked it will deliver the results. If nothing is happening, then you can increase the dosage by a gram.

According to researchers, a low dosage of Kratom measures anywhere from 2-3 grams and provides a modest amount of stimulation and energy. Low doses are recommended for individuals who have chores to do or if they consume the drug for more energy during their workouts.

A moderate dosage is one that measures from 3-6 grams and is essential for regular use. This dosage is recommended for individuals who want to find stimulation and energy, relieve minor pains, find motivation, and even fight off their anxiety.

A strong dosage measures anywhere from 6-9 grams and is for individuals that want analgesic and sedative effects. This dosage is recommended for people who suffer from chronic pain, severe depression, severe anxiety, and even insomnia.

Lastly, a very strong dosage is one that measures more than 9 grams of Kratom and is not recommended overall. It provides you with extremely sedative effects, and you’re more likely to experience negative side effects if you consume this high of a dosage, such as nausea, headaches, vomiting, loss of appetite, and anxiety.

Kratom Intake Tips For Beginners – You Must Follow While Consuming Kratom For First Time

Beware that you won’t feel the effects of Kratom until about 10-20 minutes, so just wait for some time to observe the effect. You must not consume more just because you don’t experience anything.

Beginners can rotate between different kratom strains in order to prevent gaining tolerance to the effect of the herbal plant.

Always adjust the kratom dosage according to the reaction of your body to different strains.

Don’t make use of volumetric measurements for Kratom dosage, as all strains come in different consistencies. For instance, white vein kratom strain is very strong so you just need 0.5 gm to get the desired effect whereas you can consume 1.5 gm of red vein kratom.

Set up guidelines and a schedule for your consumption so that you don’t become addicted.


Do not take kratom without following proper dosages. Kratom is similar to other drugs, and caution should always be adhered to. When you don’t follow the right dosage guidelines, then you can expect adverse side effects. Always consult your doctor or your dealer before taking kratom. Please note do not take kratom when you are breastfeeding, pregnant, or you may have a mental disorder condition.

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