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Kratom: Beneficial Botanical Or Suspicious Herb?

Kratom is a miracle herb that is also known as Mitragyna Speciosa. It is basically found in the region of south-east Asia. Kratom has been used traditionally in the form of dried leaves or powder for many years in the natural medicine world. Native people who belonged to Southeast Asian countries believed that kratom has numerous health benefits that include relieving pain, ease anxiety, remove stress & depression, increase stamina, boost metabolism, boost immunity, prevent diabetes and induce healthy sleep. Kratom leaves are known to produce complex stimulant and opioid-like analgesic effects. Due to these effects, Kratom is helpful in treating fatigue, managing pain, diarrhea, cough, and opioid withdrawal.

But recently, Kratom users have been facing a difficult time. DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) considers Kratom as a potentially illegal substance, and we do not encourage or condone the use of this substance where it is against the law. Regular kratom users see it as an invaluable aid for mental and physical health, while others enjoy its dual recreational value as a stimulant or sedative-narcotic (depending on the dose).

But Kratom should not be considered dangerous or a suspicious herb. It has numerous health benefits that can claim that it is a medicinal herb that can be used as an alternative to pharmaceutical medicines/drugs.

#1 Kratom Is Helpful In Keeping You Energetic And Motivated:

Well, sometimes, it becomes difficult to keep up with the fast pacing worlds. Due to immense stress and workload, people easily get tired and fatigued. They need a constant source of energy to pursue their work. Kratom can be the most useful thing in such situations. Low-dose of Kratom (0.5 to 1.5 gm) can make your day energetic and fruitful. Taking Kratom powder by chewing as well as in the form of supplements creates positive vibes around you and makes you feel satisfied.

Note: Do not exceed the recommended quantity because if you consume Kratom in large quantities you would experience a sedative effect.

#2 Kratom powder is a natural painkiller:

Millions of people suffering from chronic pain either undergo multiple surgeries or consume prescribed medicines which have numerous side effects. Kratom, being a herb does not pose any side effects to the body.

Kratom has an analgesic nature and has a strong pain-killing effect on the body. The alkaloids present in the Kratom leaves act on the opiate receptors of our central nervous system. In return, the opiate receptors respond to the alkaloids and send the message to the neurons by the release of three main neurotransmitters,

  • Dynorphins,
  • Endorphins,
  • Enkephalins.

These are known to suppress pain signals to the brain. In this way, kratom leaves can be a natural painkiller in the situations of chronic backache, rheumatoid arthritis, joint pains, osteomalacia, and other serious pains.

#3 Relieve Anxiety and Lift the Mood

People who use kratom on a daily basis have stated that mood elevation is another possible health benefit of Kratom. Many surveys and research studies have found that Kratom is useful in inspiring a positive state of mind and causing users to have a more optimistic attitude about life in general. Whenever a person consumes Kratom leaves, the mitragynine present in the leaves binds to opioid receptors that are located in your brain, which are responsible for mood regulation.

#4 Kratom Helps In Addiction Recovery

Kratom packs opioid-like effects, but unlike opioid drugs, Kratom is only a partial opioid agonist. The main reason why experts prescribe Kratom leaves for treating addiction is that it provides a similar sensation as opioid drugs but doesn’t feature the comedowns.

While it interacts with opiate receptors, Kratom doesn’t induce long-term dependency. Even after periods of extended use, your body’s appetite for Kratom will always be normal.

The leaves also help to treat various conditions associated with opioid withdrawal, such as nausea and vomiting, sleeplessness, anxiety, as well as mood swings, and being an all-natural herb Kratom presents fewer and milder side effects.


All the above-mentioned points show that Kratom can be beneficial for your health. Just a small amount of Kratom powder with regular use gives a positive effect on your body to run smoothly and effortlessly. Kratom is considered as a recreational drug because the leaves are chewed or brewed as a tea to elevate mood (as a euphoriant) and enhance physical endurance. But before consuming kratom, you must be careful of the amount you are taking. Generally, beginners or new kratom users should start with a low dose(0.5 to 1.5 gm), precisely weighed out on an accurate digital scale. The same goes for more experienced kratom users trying a new strain, due to the variability between them. Keep yourself healthy and active with recommended doses of kratom.

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