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Kratom Or Marijuana: Which Is Better?

Kratom and Marijuana both alter the moods in an individual while affecting conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety and substance abuse. Both Kratom and Marijuana are startling users in the west by keeping health-related symptoms such as pain and anxiety at bay. Both are very versatile in that they tackle various health issues in a pragmatic way and get them resolved effectively.

It is no longer disputed that Marijuana can improve upon health parameters of an individual without display of any side-effects very succinctly. For centuries together, marijuana has been known to be the cure-all for various chronic illnesses. However, there has come to light a different but exotic plant originating from SE Asia called Kratom. It is not a battle over which will make the cut in their race to aim at restorative and mind-healing properties, though Kratom with its sedative and sleep palliative effects is more in line with coping with the daily grinds and beating stress altogether in a fashion unknown to humankind.

If marijuana is known to stir up your fitness quotient and post-workout revival, Kratom is no way behind in striving for a natural remedy for the human malaises and which is no longer a secret any more.

People have been besieged by numerous mental complications with the likes of stress disorders and heightened anxiety levels. Kratom has been successful in treating these conditions and has proven to be a stimulant and is no longer at best a sedative which kratom has wrongly been pointed out to be. Kratom has a case in point that it battles the mental issues albeit on a hitherto unseen level.

Kratom has set a classic example of being a sleep palliative bringing rest to the insomniacs and treating lack of sleep that is linked with most stress disorders. Physical and emotional stress is the bane of most sleep disorders which is ruled out by Kratom. In this context, both kratom and marijuana keep sleep disorders at bay and help battle post-workout inflammation and lower mental agony, thus ensuring a strong case for ideal body recouping.

Another strong ground for approval for both Kratom and Marijuana is the pain relieving effects and chronic pain alleviation that both have going for them with dosing critical to both. CBD or marijuana, there are zero side effects but Kratom is the latest find which alleviates chronic pain seamlessly though dosage is critical with kratom. You cannot be too careless with its dosage which has to be ingested as prescribed.

It is not only short-term pains but also pains caused by structural bone damages as in the case of arthritis where both kratom and marijuana are adept at pain suppression and offer relief from pain when taken over the long term.

Wrapping Up:

Both kratom and marijuana significantly help the individual tide over any crisis be it sleep disorders, pain discomfort or long-term chronic pain. While Kratom has a strong point in favor that comes as a blessing for it; the only downside to kratom is that it has to still earn its stars in the form of FDA approval, though it has proved itself sufficiently over the years. An FDA approval is just a heartbeat away. Hence, given the kratom’s efficacy and its recent introduction as a chronic pain reliever and mental health upkeep, Kratom has been a game-changer in both areas. Thus , without batting an eyelid, it can be added that Kratom scores over marijauna in the long run.

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