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Kratom Serving Tips For Beginners & Experienced Users!

For the novice and even experienced Kratom users, knowing the right amount of kratom powder is a dilemma that is difficult to put at ease. How much powder should I take? How much powder should I use to brew tea? These are the questions that pop up in every user’s mind. Since alkaloids affects every individual differently there has to be a single answer that will calibrate serving size with uniformity.

In Beginners Quest:

First of all, you need to buy the product and that is best left to you so you decide on the supplier, type and other requisites. Here you are the master of what you survey in choosing, by sifting through the Kratom Vendor list or better still, buy a Kratom Capsule or Kratom powder which you can prepare tea with.

Serving Tips:

Begin with 1 gram of kratom strain.

Try it out for One week and see how you like it.

Increase your portion by ,5 gram to 1.5 grams and try this for a week. See how you like it.

Now try this one for size. Increment by yet another .5 grams to 2 grams. Notice changes in the kratom and experience the changes in you with each additional increment. Once you can decide on how much change in the kratom weight derived how much of a visible change in you is for you to follow.

Once you know these changes and your body’s reaction to these changes will make you understand your natural feel for the product. So you can attribute any change in your body temperament and document these changes for your future learning.

Some people end up taking 5 to 8 grams/day after they are done with their individual testing. So after heeding your body’s rhythm, you can answer these questions of your tuning with the compound. The amount of the compound that you ingest is up to you and how much difference in energies you are seeking is at your disposal. The initial tuning got you here and the question of how much grams of kratom is right for you is what desire you are seeking, so the ultimate answer is with you at the end.

The beginning hiccups with trying more kratom than required by you could give you nauseating feeling which is very natural, especially for those with sensitive stomachs.

Here is what kratom users swear by in overcoming this problem of too much kratom at the start. The method lies in the following steps.

  • Try a different strain

  • Reduce your serving size.

  • Have something to eat before you take Kratom.

  • Try using tea or drink form of consumption instead of capsules.

  • Change the time of day you have kratom

Kratom users need to be aware of a tolerance system they seem to develop to kratom, hence the same amount of kratom may not be enough to give the desired kick. But at the same time the experienced users have it all under their control to take how much of the powder strain they are looking for which in kratom user parlance is rotating the strains of kratom.

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