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Kratom Tea

Making a Perfect Cup of Kratom ‘mitragynine’ Tea


Are you looking for a wonderful way to start your day? Searching for a refreshing moment of oasis in your hectic schedule? Longing to find some relief from the bumps and bruises of your daily grind?

Why not join the millions of people worldwide who find their answer in a soothing cup of tea – one of life’s daily treasures. Kratom Tea is a medicinal drink made from Kratom leaves and has been consumed for thousands of years. Today, rural people in Southeast Asia drink Kratom Tea daily, believing it cures many minor ailments and may even prolong their lives.

Kratom is a natural product and grows as a leaf. It offers many wonderful health benefits including pain relief, boosting metabolism, improving the immune system, diabetes prevention, and increased sexual energy. Kratom is also known to ease anxiety, help with addiction, eliminate stress, and induce healthy sleep patterns. The process of brewing a cup of Kratom Tea is simple. So why not try making yours today?

Making kratom tea

Start by putting dried Kratom leaves into your tea infuser. You can make a single cup or brew a whole teapot. Use 2 grams of Kratom leaves to 8 ounces of water (of course feel free to adjust this ratio to your personal taste preference). Fill your cup or teapot with boiling water. Cover with a lid, and let the tea steep. Remove the leaves, and serve!

For a slightly sweeter tea, simply add a bit of organic natural honey. Or for more varied tastes try adding alfalfa leaves, lemon balm, lavender, mint of all kinds, rose hips, or clover blossoms. Another favorite to use is finely grated citrus peels – grapefruit, orange, lemon or lime!  Just set these tangy tidbits aside to dry before adding to your tea.

Kratom can also be purchased in powder form. For those times when convenience is a priority, simply mix the Kratom powder into your boiling water and allow it to steep for 3-4 minutes.

Making kratom iced-tea

Another option is Iced Tea.  For a Sweet Mint Iced Tea:

  1. Bring water to a boil in a large saucepan over high heat
  2. Remove from heat, then add honey until dissolved.
  3. For best results producing a clear liquid (without sediment settling on bottom) use a fine strainer or cheese cloth when adding Kratom.
  4. Add any herbs and/or spices into cheese cloth bag or strainer at this time.
  5. Make sure Kratom mix is fully immersed in the hot water and allowed to steep for 20-30 minutes.
  6. Remove Kratom leaf or powder.

Tea will be strong so add equal amount of ice to water. Keep refrigerated.

What strain of kratom do I use?

Are you looking for a relaxing strain, something after a hectic day try Red Vein Kratom.  For those looking for a tea that boost energy we recommend Green Vein Kratom.  On the White Vein Kratom is used mainly for focus, whether for leisure activities or work.

Spices can also enhance the medicinal value of your tea as well as the flavor. Cinnamon adds a delightful warming taste and has been touted as an antioxidant. Ginger adds a zing as well as being effective in warding off nausea and stomach cramps sometimes brought on by hot and humid weather. Cloves have been said to help reduce pain and symptoms of toothaches and nausea.

You can be as creative and innovated as you wish and how you choose to brew your Kratom Tea is ultimately a matter of your own personal preference. Some people love to steep it longer for a strong tea while others prefer a milder brew with no extra flavors. Remember, the darker your tea, the more intense the flavor will be.

As always, it is important to look for a well-sourced product made from high quality ingredients and from a reputable source.

Article written by Deborah Kinsella


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