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Ways to Take Kratom Powder

Taking Kratom Powder

Using kratom powder can decrease the amount of time you have to wait to feel the effects of kratom alkaloids Mitragyna and 7-Hydromitraginine. Powder is also a single ingredient serving of kratom (no gelatin or additives). The most difficult park of powder is the taste and having to carry around a scale, scoop, and something to wash it down with. If you are heading out for the day be sure to measure your dose before leaving. You can put the individual doses in a Ziplock for freshness and safety.

Measuring Powder: Measure your individual dose usually in tenth of grams. This should be accurate enough. Place a piece of paper or clean empty scoop on the scale when measuring the powder. Be sure to tear the scale with just the paper or scoop prior to weighing out your dose. When using a spoon or scoop ensure the scoop is completely dry and free of any contaminates. This will safeguard your from anymore bacteria growth in your kratom. Keeping the kratom in the refrigerator can also help with bacteria growth. Once you have your desired dose measured pick a consumption method below.

Toss n’ Wash: This method is the simplest way to get Kratom in your system. Start by measuring your individual dose. Use the piece of paper or scoop to transport the powder from the scale to your mouth. Pour powder on or under the tongue. Have a glass of water or juice ready to rinse down the powder with. If you use a spoon be mindful not to place a wet or contaminated spoon back in the powder. Be careful not to inhale the kratom powder pouring the powder under your tongue helps with this.

Add to Yoghurt or Applesauce: You will only need a few tablespoons of yoghurt or applesauce. Kratom does not enhance the flavor. Mix in just enough to make it palatable. Its a good idea to leave a few spoonful’s that do not have kratom mix in to use as a pallet cleanser after you. This method can help with consumers who report stomach aches or discomfort the first few times trying kratom. Having a few bites of food with your kratom dose usually helps with this.

Add to Smoothie:  Another easy method. Just pour and mix your individual dose with your desired smoothie. Some citrus provides powerful potentiation to the kratom powder. Adding kratom to a smoothie with these potentates can increase kratom effectiveness.

Make your own Capsules: Whether you are vegan or gelatin capsules just don’t sit well. There are many different methods to fill capsules by hand. Our pick to for hand filling for the everyday consumer is ‘The Capsule Machine’ by Capsule Connection. You can watch a quick video here. The Kratom Scoop also has a article on the use of this nifty machine. Not only is this machine great for kratom you can encapsulate anything you’d want. A wonderful tool for anyone invested in their health.

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