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Why capsules are better?

The debate rages on. Many consumers of kratom argue the best method of consumption. Some believe kratom in its raw form is best. Just powder and leaf alone no additives or adulterants. Others prefer the use of capsule filled with kratom powder still no adulterants. Here are the methods compared as we weigh the positive and negatives of each form.


#3 –     Dried Leaf kratom least popular method for raw kratom.


Dried Leaf is great for brewing tea, maybe the most traditional way to consume the kratom leaf.  Steep in boiling water for 10 minutes then let cool and enjoy! Some may find this method time consuming and difficult to consume without additional ingredients. Some use honey or a natural sweetener, as kratom is extremely bitter. There is something to be said about consuming tea in this most traditional way.  This method will truly remind you that kratom is a leaf and 100% natural. But, the best method for consumption probably not. The time it takes to prepare and the taste of the kratom leaf is enough to place leaf in the 3rd position.


#2 –     Powder is the second most popular method of consumption.


Powder can be messy and difficult to measure. Its Highly recommended that you measure with a gram scale to the .1th gram and not with a measuring spoon or by eye. Many consumers have mistakenly taken too much kratom powder due to the inconsistent measuring spoon method or not enough and missed out on the effects of this leaf. Some spoonful’s can be light and fluffy and other times dense and tightly packed. This inconsistency in in the weight can be disastrous.  


1# –     Capsules the most popular and efficient method.


 Capsules are the most used method for two reasons ease of use and accurate serving sizes. The ability to throw a few capsules in a pill or supplement case allows for accurate servings away from home and a gram scale. Throw them in your purse or keep them in your desk at work for a kratom pick me up throughout the day. The few drawbacks are the extended time the gelatin capsules take to break down in your stomach.


Overall all forms of kratom can be used simply and safely. Some require a simple process to get an accurate servings others are easier. Some require a scale or a kettle and stovetop. Your preferred method is up to you and how much effort you are willing to invest. This article is just painting a picture for newcomers and giving the regular kratom consumer some insight to methods they may not have considered.


Enjoy Responsibly and ensure your vendor has your best interests in mind!

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